One Drive


One Drive

Microsoft now provides free accounts to Office 365 Business for Education.  Office 365 is the suite of tools which includes OneDrive.

Tutorials about collaboration in OneDrive for Business (and education) from the Microsoft Virtual Academy


Login to Office 365 and select the Grid (or Waffle) box to see the resources available (including OneDrive)

OneDrive For Business:
Specifically for Education, Microsoft has a secure, compliant service called OneDrive for Business, where teachers and students get Unlimited Storage.

Unlimited Storage:
Schools need to sign up for Free Office 365 for Education for their unlimited Storage.

Sync files to the desktop:
Teachers and students can sync files onto the desktop, share files and collaborate seamlessly. Files can also be easily accessed from mobile devices on iOS and Android Platforms as well.

Access files from mobile devices:
Access to OneDrive documents is available from the desktop, tablet, and/or smartphone.

Filetypes and Native format:
You can save files types of any type including PDF, MP3 etc. not just office documents. OneDrive for business facilitates the preserving of Office documents in their native file formats. Office documents will not lose their file formatting which is common when using other 3rd party storage services.

Features for the classroom:

  • Share files and folders
  • Organize photos and files
  • Play most .mp4, QuickTime .mov, Apple video .mp4 files directly within OneDrive in most web browsers
  • Search and find files saved in OneDrive
  • Use mobile device apps to access OneDrive files (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox 360
  • With the school OneDrive account, the other Microsoft programs are available online free (Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel