Assignments and Capstones

Below is an optional capstone assignment that instructors may use at their discretion.

Capstone imageThe following will demonstrate your mastery of the 21things resources and your understanding of the nine categories of best practice instruction. Your capstone should include technology integration, curriculum connections, and innovative lesson planning that demonstrates the skills and knowledge gained throughout the 21things4teachers course. Grading will be based on content, effort, meeting objectives of the assignment, rigor, and relevance.

  1. Create a digital artifact that demonstrates how technology resources learned in the 21things can support the nine categories of best practice.
  2. Create a comprehensive lesson plan that integrates multiple tools to demonstrate best practice. (See Lesson Planning Template ).
  3. Create an informational video that explores the relationship between digital resources and best practice.
  4. Create a promotional video for the 21things4teachers.
  5. Other: submit a plan for another acceptable activity that demonstrate your proficiency in integrating best practice and technology. NOTE: It must be approved by your instructor.
  6. Instructor choice: your instructor may select another activity for your course.

Time Guide: 4-6 hours for each of the capstone activities
Click here to view Capstone Rubric sample (may vary by instructor).

Here is a list of all the assignments in 21 Things that you can save and print for easy access.