AR 1 - Basics

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Additional Resources

1. Technology Skills Checklist for Online Assessment (University of KY and CAST)

2.  Middletown PA Schools SBAC: Tech Skills Checklist

3.  Readiness Recommendations and Checklist : Raising the BAR; Becoming Assessment Ready (COSN, EN@, eLearn) 

4. Basics of Microsoft Edge Part 1 resizing, tabs, multiple windows, and some shortcuts.

5.  Review "Lesson Plan" template for your use in Capstone or daily instruction.

utcitw - lesson plan image


6. Review the Presentations for the "Framework of Instructional Planning

7. Review the texts:

  • The original work by Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock, Classroom Instruction that Works (2001).

  • Dean, C. B., Stone, B., Hubbell, E., & Pitler, H. (2012). Classroom Instruction that Works: Research-based strategies for increasing student achievement (2nd ed.). Alexandria, VA: ASCD. 

  • Pitler, Howard, Hubbell, Elizabeth R., & Kuhn, Matt (2012). Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works (2nd ed.). Alexandria, VA: ASCD.



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