Basics Part III

Part III Implementing the Guiding Principles: Standards, Best Practice, & Models

Using the 21things4teachers activities will provide you with resources and activities to help you create more dynamic lessons for your students that integrate national technology standards and best practice. Each of the 21Things meets different ISTE Standards for Educators. The 21things4teachers technology resources also support best practice instruction and are aligned with McREL's Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works framework. The last part of Basics is to begin thinking about how this all fits together by taking a look at the SAMR, TPACK, and TIM models for technology integration.

Exploring the Guiding Principles

Using your Basics Document, complete the following:

  1. ISTE Standards for Educators page: Learn more about the standards. You are asked to identify an example of at least one thing you do in your teaching (activity or lesson) which addresses one of these standards. An example is provided in the Basics Document.
  2. Best Practice Connections page : Review the Framework for Instructional Planning and the Technology Matrix at the Best Practice Connections page. You are asked to identify and give an example of three of the nine research-based best practice teaching and learning strategies (identified in the Framework for Instructional Planning) and a technology resource you use (or might use)
  3. Models of Tech Integration : Three models of technology integration, SAMR, TPACK, and TIM are showcased on the Models for Tech Integration page. You are asked to explore these models and identify an example from a lesson or activity you do which fits one (or more).

Please update your Basics Document as you explore these three Best Practice and Standards activities.

When you have completed these three activities you will have completed Basics