The 21 Things for Teachers site has been developed to help educators improve their technology proficiency and use best practices to integrate technology into their teaching and learning environments.

Tutorials and hands-on practice activities make use of free web resources. The assignments on the right-hand side have been designed for those using these resources for professional development. Activities are based on educational research which identifies strategies, or best practices, to support student learning throughout these 21 things. Building educator skills has been shown to have a direct correlation with improving student engagement and improvement of their own proficiency through educator modeling and integrating technology throughout the curriculum.

We hope these 21things resources and activities help bring your learning to a global level as they help build 21st century skills.

To learn more about 21 Things and how it can change your teaching practice, watch this short video created by Kay Wejrowski, the 2016 Frank Miracola 21st Century Excellence Award.

Getting Down to Basics

Are you familiar with technology standards for students and teachers? What is your expertise in integrating technology in the classroom?
What tools and apps are available to support best practice in technology?
How can I improve my productivity with technology both professionally and personally?

The evolution of online testing has increased the emphasis on technology in the classroom. This transformation in education has brought about a variety of resources, checklists, and interactives to improve technology proficiency by both students and educators. During this Basics Thing, you will assess your own readiness and identify personal goals for improvement, explore and practice basic technology skills, and become familiar with technology standards, pedagogical and integration models, and frameworks that support them:

Part I: Technology Readiness

Part II. Technology Skills:

Part III: Best Practices and Standards

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