Tech Readiness

Document Your Progress

As you move through the Basics, we have provided a document to help guide and document your progress. Please download or copy this document (21t4t Basics.docx , or copy this Google Docs version to your own GoogleDrive) to use as you move through these Basics activities.

The document is also the assignment if you are taking this for a course or professional development.

Part I Technology Readiness:

Assess Yourself!
Let's begin by finding out what you know about technology. Digital learning and online assessments raise the bar for technology skill readiness. Are you ready to be a tech ready teacher leader? Do you know what skills students will need? There are a variety of different technology skills checklists for online testing of students.

Look at the Michigan K-12 Checklist Technology Skills for Students (or an alternative list your state or country uses) and reflect on where your own skills are, based on the student list(s). 

Next fill out the chart in the 21t4t Basics document you downloaded from above.

After assessing yourself, continue on to Technology Skills.