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Being a good teacher requires more than just teaching. It also involves planning, emails, paperwork, feedback, school meetings and so much more.  This Thing will help you learn how to manage all of those duties and increase your Productivity.


T:  applying a variety of technology resources to enhance productivity for planning and organizing all the duties of a classroom teacher.

P:  lesson planning is the cornerstone to learning and using productivity tools in large groups, small groups, and individual settings can enhance learning because all stakeholders have a chance to be involved in the lesson planning process.

CK:  searching content area collections and using social bookmarking for collaboration of the digital resources supports content area instructional goals.

Resources/Tools That Support Teaching With Productivity Applications

Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know which tools would work best for your situation?  Start Here: 11 amazing productivity apps for teachers that will keep you organized

Productivity Tools are not just for teachers.  Due to their collaborative nature, these tools can be used by students too.  Here is an example of the steps a teacher would take to determine when and where to integrate a productivity tool. 

Leveling Up Example Lesson: 

Using a social bookmarking tool - Diigo

Substitution:  A student uses Diigo to create a bibliography of a particular subject (instead of listing out references at the end of a report).

Augmentation:  A group of students share resources with one another and organize their collection according to their needs.

Modification: Students critically analyze each element of the collection and respond to one another’s critiques.

Redefinition: Students identify gaps in their collection, asking what perspectives, ideas, or voices may be missing and why that would be the case; invite subject experts to comment on gaps and additional resources.

Designed by students in EDUC 595A at the University of Massachusetts Amherst 

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Resources/Tools to Help Students Learn about Productivity

4: Evernote - Writer’s Notebook - MiTech Kids lesson

6-8: 21things4students - Thing 3, Quest 3 (Let’s Get Organized)

6-8: Lessons on Time Management and Organization

9-12: Organizational Strategies for Students Video - This is all about paper and pencil tools, but you could have your students watch and then find the virtual tools that perform the same functions.


For additional resources to support students on becoming expert learners, visit Thing 20

For additional resources to support students with special needs, visit Thing 21

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