Be Legal and Fair

Apply your learning

21 Things Assignment

Complete one of the following to demonstrate your knowledge of the material in Thing 9.

  1. Complete sections of the ISTE Educator Standards - Reflection and Planning Document that relates to this Thing.

  2. Create a Creative Commons license for the Face of Your Classroom environment using the Creative Commons licensing site. An example can be found on the bottom of the 21Things homepage. Choose the license features that determine the permissions you would like to use for sharing your work. Once you have completed the process of creating your license, copy the embed code, and paste it at the bottom of your website or blog page. 

  3. Create a lesson where your students have to use a Plagiarism checker on their own paper.  Have them submit the results and if necessary, the rewrite of their paper.

  4. Utilize something you learned in this Thing in your own professional practice. Reflect on how you used your new learning, and how it improved teaching and learning.

  5. Reflect on what you learned in this Thing. What connections did you make to the ISTE Standards on Digital Citizenship?

  6. How might you extend the use of this Thing by incorporating the accommodations and supports?

  7. How might you share what you learned with your colleagues at a staff meeting or professional development

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