Be Legal and Fair

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T:  utilize technology resources to create Creative Commons licenses and utilize plagiarism checkers.  Example: Students use CC License Chooser to make a Creative Commons license for a presentation they created.  

P:  using ISTE Digital Citizenship Standards, create a lesson that incorporates Fair Use.

Example: Students use only Fair Use materials for a presentation they create.

CK:  respecting intellectual property needs to be embedded into all content areas.  Example:  Students in all classes follow school guidelines regarding protecting intellectual property.


Resources/Tools for Be Legal and Fair Lesson Planning

Resources/Tools for Creative Commons Materials

Free stock videos · Pexels Videos: Video

What does a lesson using “Be Legal and Fair” concept look like with students? 

Examples of Thing Lessons at these levels:

Substitution - Students read an online article about copyright 

Augmentation - Students use mark-up and annotation tools to highlight and annotate online article about copyright

Modification - Students turn research on copyright into an interactive journey using TES Blendspace

Redefinition - students create a multimedia project and include a Creative Commons license as well as citations/credits page to honor intellectual property

Resources/Tools to Help Students Learn About Be Legal and Fair

21Things4Students: Thing 7 - Quest One - Copyright Laws

21Things4Students: Thing 7 - Quest Two - The Source

21Things4Students: Thing 7 - Quest One - Plagiarism

21Things4Students: Thing 7 - Quest One - Stop the Pirates

21Things4Students: Thing 10 - Quest One - The Search is On!

MiTechKids: Citing in a Zip - 4th Grade

MiTechKids: Properly Citing Sources - 5th Grade

MiTechKids: Stop the Plagiarism - 5th Grade

Instructional Videos

Copyright Awareness for Students

Introduction to Intellectual Property: Crash Course IP 1

Copyright Basics: Crash Course Intellectual Property 2

Copyright, Exceptions, and Fair Use: Crash Course Intellectual Property #3

For additional resources to support students on becoming expert learners, visit Thing 20

For additional resources to support students with special needs, visit Thing 21

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