Digital Storytelling

Apply your Learning

Complete one of the following to demonstrate your knowledge of the material in Thing 15.

  1. Complete sections of the ISTE Educator Standards - Reflection and Planning Document that relates to this Thing.

  2. Create a storyboard with a script.  Include the type of media to be used at each step.

  3. Prepare a lesson involving a digital story.  Identify a content area standard that you will be teaching in the coming month. Use the elements of a digital story to guide your work. 

  4. Create your own short (~3 minute) digital story that includes title, content, copyright information (learned about in Be Legal and Fair), and transitions with music (if available in the program you chose to use).

  5. Post a link to or embed your digital story on your Face of the Classroom or website.

  6. Utilize something you learned in this Thing in your own professional practice. Reflect on how you used your new learning, and how it improved teaching and learning.

  7. Reflect on what you learned in this Thing. What connections did you make to the ISTE Educator Standards on Designer?

  8. How might you extend the use of this Thing by incorporating the accommodations and supports?

  9. How might you share what you learned with your colleagues at a staff meeting or professional development?

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