Design Thinking


Your Turn - Put this Thing into Practice- Choose 2

  1. Complete sections of the ISTE Educator Standards - Reflection & Planning Document that relates to this Thing.  What connections did you make to the ISTE Standards or your own content area standards?

  2. Find one Design Thinking lessons from John Spencer - The Creative Classroom and modify it for your classroom.

  3. Find a Design Thinking competition in which you and your students could participate.

  4. Reflect on what you learned in this Thing. How might you use this in your own professional practice? What goals might you set for yourself, including activities, timelines, and evaluation? How will you monitor your own progress towards these goals?

  5. Utilize something you learned in this Thing in your own professional practice. Reflect on how you used your new learning and how it improved teaching and learning.

  6. How might you extend the use of this Thing by incorporating the accommodations and supports?

  7. Redesign one of your existing lessons that might connect to this Thing to deepen the level of tech integration using SAMR or TPACK. 

  8. How might you share what you learned with your colleagues at a staff meeting or professional development?