Audio Production

Digital Storytelling

Recording and Producing Audio

 Audacity from SoundForge is a free multiplatform audio recording program that must be downloaded. In this activity (click on the image) you will download the pdf tutorial directions to learn how easy it is (Mac or PC), to record your voice, practice editing, create a short script and record it. You will learn how to add music from a free resource and export it as an MP3 file. Then help your students learn how to record their own stories, read favorite works, create book reports, record their own singing or musical work, and have a ton of fun.
  1. Part 1 Making an audio recording with Audacity.
  2. Part 2 Adding music clips to your recording.
  3. Audacity tutorial with music

On Soundcloud is a free online audio recording web site that works with Soundcloud to host your uploaded files created with programs like Audacity. It has mobile apps for the Android or iPad/iPhone devices. It is a social sound platform which lets you share your audio files with the public, or onto your blog, web site and to social networking sites (Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, Foursquare). It will host up to 3 hours of audio in the free account. This is a very user friendly site with a great widget player to use when you embed files to your own web site. For instructions go to

Google Drive Music Player

You and your students can post and share your .mp3 audio files on Google Drive by adding a MusicPlayer App to the Drive. Directions (pdf)