Differentiated Instruction and UDL


Choice board -- Select 2 activities to complete

  • Expand on your earlier reflection on UDL - What additional aspects could you add to your lessons to add flexibility? Document these.

  • Tool Exploration Explore at least 5 tools highlighted in this lesson or the additional resources that you think would be beneficial for your students.   Reflect on the pros and cons of each tool in regards to how the tool will support teaching and learning in your classroom.

  • As you read through the key elements of UDL, take note of the elements you already use in your teaching to differentiate instruction and provide choice and flexibility.  

  • Create a short training for your colleagues on UDL and potential tools to support your lessons.

  • Using three tools, create examples of teaching supports that you could use in a unit/lesson.

  • Choose a different way to reflect your learning from this THING.

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