Customized Professional Development

Options for Professional Development
This site and the resources are designed to serve a variety of models for professional development.

1. Visit Site Resources On An As Needed Basis

Teachers can pick and choose the elements they want to know more about. Teachers are able to access the linked tutorials whenever they want them (anytime-anywhere). Any educator is welcome to use the site for training on an as needed basis, and all are free to do so. However, those wishing to obtain credits or certifications must enroll in the course taught by a certified trainer (Agency Coordinator).

2. Enroll in the Blended Course through your local Educational Service Provider (Partner Agency)

Register to take the PD with a registered Partner Agency in a blended offering (part face-to-face, part online). These are offered in a variety of models across Michigan. Participants in Michigan can apply for State Continuing Education Clock Hours or graduate level credits from various universities in Michigan. Teachers wishing to take the course to obtain SCECHs, graduate credits, and/or obtain the Certificate of Completion must enroll in a Cohort through a Partner Agency.

Only certified trainers, or Agency Coordinators, are able to certify completion of a 21things4teachers course. To find out how to become an Agency Coordinator, contact the Project Partners. In order to become an Agency Coordinator, participants must be an affiliate of an Intermediate School District, Regional Education Service Agency/District, or its delegate. Local districts wishing to offer the 21things4teacher course must work with an Agency Coordinator to provide training. To find out more about the offerings in your area, click on the Partner Agencies page to locate an Agency Coordinator.

3. Create locally designed District Professional Development

The last option allows principals and districts to use the site to assist teachers in their individualized professional development. Although it is strongly recommended that local districts contact their local Partner Agency to provide the 21things opportunities to local staff, there are unique situations in which local leadership may wish to create their own spin to the 21things4teachers locally.

Many teachers and principals are looking for ways to supplement teacher professional development that maximizes their time and provides the training in a manner that works around a teacher's hectic schedule. To assist teachers and principals in this effort the information below will provide you with ideas and the resources you need. The key difference is that this model does not require a teacher to complete a cohort that includes all 21things. Teachers work with their principals or central office and determine the individual elements or things they want to learn about. After developing a plan of action, the teacher will review the links and watch or read the tutorials for each thing. The teacher will complete the hands-on activities and demonstrate proficiency through their Digital Portfolio and Face of Your Classroom web site.

A sample action plan might include:

  • Establish the start and end date
  • Determine the element(s) to be accomplished
  • Agree on portfolio template to be used
  • Document the total hours for completing elements