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Face of Your Classroom

Face of Your Classroom



Wix encourages users to build a professional site created with creative freedom.  You can start with a blank page, choose from 500+ templates, customize a template, or answer a few questions and they will design a free site just for you.  Wix Website Builder also has a dedicated support team.  Create a Website You’re Proud Of with Wix.

SQUARESPACE (No Credit Card Required)


Squarespace allows you to choose and customize a template.  They offer an analytics feature to help track the traffic of your site and can integrate blogs, apps, and tools.  Visit their Create Your Website page to see all Squarespace has to offer.


Ning has a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to easily create a professional-looking site. It has social media integration capabilities and custom design options for those who know how to code (or want to learn). They offer 24/7 customer service support via email, live chat, or a phone call.  Their basic features toolkit includes analytics, groups, photos, videos, and more.  You can check out All you need for a perfect website page and start a trial.


Emaze uses its own Automaze tool to help you create an amazing website.  You can select a template and use its built-in tools to customize your site.  With the proper settings, your Emaze website will be compatible with all mobile devices. You can alter text, audio, video, and more.  You can connect it with your social media sites as well as embed live iframes, blogs, and web pages. Visit their CREATE AND SHARE AMAZING WEBSITES WITH EMAZE page to learn more.



Resources for Creating Your Classroom Web Presence:

Blogging Tips for Teachers

Edublogs Ronnie Burton "The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with EduBlogs!"


Wikis are another option for creating a FREE web presence and are often used to create collaborative websites. Like blogs, wikis allow you to post information and your visitors to post comments. One difference is that a Wiki lets you set permissions so that others can also add new content or edit the content on the site. With the right permissions, Wikis allow students to create and edit interlinked web pages as well.  Wikis are powered by wiki software and are often used to create collaborative websites.  An excellent wiki site is PBWorks. View the video "Wikis in Plain English."  

Social Media & Interactives


Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board.  You can organize images and ideas that you upload or “pin” - think of it as the online version of sticking them on a corkboard with a pushpin. You can create multiple boards to organize your home feed with topics like interactive bulletin boards, classroom management, team building activities, and so much more.  You can choose which of your boards are public and which ones are private. If you notice there are educators that you find yourself pinning often, you can follow that educator and view all of their public boards. You can also connect with other educators and share great ideas by sending pins. The help center has more detailed information about Pinterest.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are like virtual organizations where you can communicate with each other as well as share photos & ideas. Group administrators and members must have a Facebook account to join a group.  Administrators of a group can set up the parameters for posting, commenting, and visibility. According to, “Some schools and communities set up separate Facebook groups for General school news; specific grade levels or classes (e.g. “Year 2” or “Class 2B”); sporting teams; extra-curricular groups, e.g. musical production, cheerleading etc.; event organization, e.g. school fair, or graduation ceremony; uniform or textbook buy and sell; homework help and alumni.” 


SeeSaw is a digital learning platform that is often used for assignments, feedback, and family participation. It allows educators to find or create activities for their students. Students can complete assignments, take pictures, and record video to create a digital portfolio. Through the SeeSaw platform, families are able to see and comment on their student’s work.  Educators are able to adjust settings to allow students to collaborate with their classmates, too.  Visit their Remote Learning with Seesaw: GUIDE FOR TEACHERS to create a remote learning plan, join a live webinar or watch a recording, or take a self-paced training.

District Subscriptions & Services

Other District or Platform System

These are NOT free and are usually a subscription service provided by the district.

Districts may be using 365, Google Drive, or a paid web service like Foxbright.

OTHER -- make mention here that there are plenty of paid sites (e.g. Canvas is LMS but requires a subscription, or D2L/BrightSpace, etc. - but they are not FREE)