Additional Resources

Visual Learning

  1. PearlTrees is a unique way to gather urls, photos and content, and organize them in a tree format to share with others
  2. iMindQ where you can create FREE visual and interactive presentations or mindmaps
  3. MindMeister lets you work together online, and has a mobile application
  4. Creately is a place for diagramming and mind mapping
  5. Draw Anywhere helps you create flowcharts, diagrams and organizational charts
  6. ABCya includes educational games for kids, including Word Clouds
  7. Kaywa has a quick and easy QR code creator
  8. Mindmup is a great mind mapping tool to create and share publicly
  9. Infotopics - An infopic is a photo with text layered on top that is designed to communicate a message. Check out Tony Vincent's tutorial for creating infotopics.
  10. Smore - Create beautiful newsletters and posters in just minutes. The free version does have limited backgrounds and allows 200 monthly emails.

iPad Apps

5 apps for the iOS platform for QR Codes and Augmented Reality.

Ipad App