Additional Resources

Digital Citizenship

  1. Digital Citizenship and Netiquette for Teachers provides a guide for parents and teachers on teaching digital citizenship to students.
  2. The Ultimate Parent's Guide to Internet Safety has an incredible infographic that you can use in your classroom. There is even an embed code included for your classroom website. They have published a follow-up guide which includes a state-by-state interactive map of the US internet filtering laws, allowing parents to easily view if their child is protected on publicly funded schools and libraries in their state. There is also advice for how one can further protect their child once they are at home such as enabling their ISP parental control features, and blocking websites and keywords.
  3. The Ultimate Parent Guide For Protecting Your Kid On The Internet has wonderful tips and advice.
  4. CommonSense Media Rules Of the Road video is a short video with tips for kids (and adults) in preventing unwanted long term effects of online activity.
  5. Kidshealth provides resources for parents. From their site, "your kids' best online protection is you. By talking to them about potential online dangers and monitoring their computer use, you'll get them to surf the Internet safely." Topics covered include: Internet safety laws, online protection tools, chat room caution, warning signs.
  6. Theft of a Child's Identity provides thought provoking information and resources.
  7. The WayBackMachine is an Internet archive. It takes snapshots of websites and builds a searchable library of those snapshots. Check it out! Just type a website address into the search box to browse the history (if you can't think of one, type in and you can see how many snapshots have been taken of that site over time. You may think that a website goes away, but does it really? There are a variety of ways you can use this - which ways can you think of?
  8. Visit some of the Quests in the Cyber Safety materials on the site. We have included several Quests with selected videos on the 21things4students site related to:
  9. BYOD K-12 Blueprint a toolkit designed to help you evaluate the pros, cons and logistics of bringing student owned technology into the classroom.
  10. Cyberbullying: What it is and how to stop it
  11. From Disney: Internet Safety tips for children and an online safety web agreement
  12. How to Protect Your Children on their Smartphone includes a guide to popular social networking apps and cautions.