Design Thinking

Design Thinking Additional Resources

John Spencer’s - Getting Started with Design Thinking

Imagine a Place - Editorial Video

Voice & Choice - John Spencer Video

CareerFoundry - A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

The Design Thinking Process (Explained by an Expert) - Video

K-5 Example STEM Education Week with Design Thinking - Video 

IDEO’s Empathy Activity, “Whose Life” - Design Thinking How-To - Video 

Additional Implementation from Makers Empire Videos

Design Thinking for High School Social Studies

Example Lesson Plan using PBS Learning Media

K-12: Design Kit - Idea Starters and More by

John Spencer’s Project Based Learning Thoughts


REMC - Promoting STEM Through Literature Article 


REMC - Classroom Makers Resources

PBS Learning Design Squad Lab - Interactive Website

Colleen Graves - Maker Lessons and Projects

K-12: Strawbees Education - More details about Strawbees


Informational website for using VR in the classroom -

AR vs VR - Video


EdTech Article - Five Ways Teachers Can Use and Create AR Experiences