Differentiated Instruction & UDL

Additional Resources

  1. We highly recommend the Premiere In-School Program, which provides special pricing and grants for schools. In regard to this particular activity, learn more about the readingmadeEZ program. http://www.readingmadeez.com/home.html
  2. Read the Words is a FREE text-to-speech converter that uses an avatar to speak.
  3. Reach Every Student Through Differentiated Instruction - PDF from EduGAINS
  4. Text Compactor is a free summarization tool.
  5. Rewordify rewords a text to assist with comprehension and also helps build vocabulary.
  6. Office Lens for Microsoft converts pictures and whiteboards into readable text which can then be pushed to your OneDrive.
  7. Graphic organizers found in Thing 3 - Visual Learning Tools
  8. Online textbooks from CK12.org or FREE eBooks at OpenCulture
  9. Infographic for DI IS
  10. Sway for Microsoft converts text in outline form into slide decks and more.
  11. Hundreds of current event articles for students (aligned to standards) Newsela. The articles are categorized by standards, grade level, and in English or Spanish.

More Resources

Additional Resources

Blended or Flipped Classroom

Flipped Resources

  1. Pro's and con's of flipped learning.

  2. Two most powerful flipped classroom tips I have learned so far

  3. Khan Academy- One of the most popular places for homework help in math and other areas is the Khan Academy. Created by Salman Khan, he spends a couple of minutes explaining difficult topics in videos posted on the site. In 2012, Khan added the "Practice" element of the site, where teachers can create accounts, add students, and assign practice problems that go with the video lessons. This is definitely a great resource for pointing students for additional help.

  4. EdPuzzle has a very large library of educational videos that you can use and crop to fit your classroom needs

  5. Playposit is an easy-to-use tool that lets teachers add interactivity to streaming video content from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Insert reflective pauses, links to external es, or questions.

  6. Teachem is a quick way to personalize videos for your classroom. Begin by creating a class, then upload a YouTube video and add your own edits to meet your instruction needs.

  7. The Online Schools Guidebook is a resource for learning more about online learning, choosing the best online school, benefits of online learning and tips for success in an online school

FREE Video tools

  • Here are some tips from TechSmith (creators of Jing) on how to do a good screencast. You will find some useful ideas here no matter which software option you choose.

  • Vimeois a good free resource for storing your videos on the web. You can set privacy levels, generate a link to your video, browse videos, and upload videos you make inWeVideo(see below) as well.

  • Editing: For a place to edit your videos, add images, and create an amazing movie - tryWeVideo. Drag and drop your video, add voiceover, images, etc.

Cost Video Tools

  • Camtasia Studio (PC & Mac) A full suite of professional tools that records your screen, turns PowerPoint into video, use call outs, transitions, hotspots, quizzing features, titles, picture-in-picture (and produced by the same company TechSmith that created and provides Jing).

  • ScreenFlow(Mac only) Publish directly to YouTube, has a range of 2D and 3D transitions, audio ducking and audio detach, callouts, picture-in-picture, and output to Flash.

  • iMovie- Provided only on Apple Computer orios devices.

Editing and Producing Your Videos

There are several resources that help you in editing and producing your videos.

  • Masher is a site that lets you upload, mix, and edit your photos, images, or video clips online.

Mobile apps are available to edit your videos on the go as well. Some do have a cost.

  • Android: Magisto, Viddy, Qik Video, Splice, Socialcam, Andromedia Video Editor.

  • iPhone and iPad: Magisto, Montaj, Viddy, Cute CUT, Qik Video, Cinefy, VideoGrade, Splice, ReelDirector, Socialcam, Video Edit.

  • Hosting: Your video can be uploaded to SchoolTube, TeacherTube, YouTube, Vimeo, mybrainshark, or other hosting locations.

Resources such as Skype, Adobe Connect, Elluminate, WebEx allow teachers to teach and interact with students in real time outside the walls of the classroom.

21things4iPads.net showcases these 3 apps for the iOS platform for Screencasting.

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