Personalized Assignment


  1. During this module you learned about personalized learning.
  2. There are activities to complete as you go through the module

    a. Create your own learner profile survey or assignment. (Recommended: Use Google Forms so that you can use Save as Doc to review the data on each student).

    b. Select a learning objective you would teach, and create your own personalized/flexible learning path for your students. Include 3-5 options for students to "show what they know" for an assessment as well as several activities you recommend they participate in to gain knowledge about the topic.

    c. Create a formative assessment with at least 5 questions about the objective you chose.

    d. Design your own classroom using either TinkerCad, SketchUp, or by another method you chose such as drawing and uploading a photo, or by describing in detail the changes you expect to implement to adapt the classroom for personalized learning.
  3. Share your completed activities with your instructor through an online word document.

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