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A student’s desire to learn and effectiveness in learning are enhanced when the learning is personalized, meaning that the student is given greater choice in selecting topics, greater control over the learning environment and learning strategies, greater access to learning resources, and frequent feedback about learning progress. (Sam Redding, S. (2014) Personal Competencies in Personalized Learning. [PDF file]. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University (Center on Innovations in Learning).

Personalized learning is a term being used to describe those classrooms where engagement and purpose are part of the fabric of the classroom. The different learning needs of the students are met by accommodating and personalizing their education. Technology is often used to facilitate the personalization of the student's learning environments.

How do you as a teacher incorporate personalized learning into your classroom?


  1. First view this PowerPoint on personalized learning by Richard Culatta, Deputy Director of the Office of Ed Tech., U.S. Dept of Education.

  2. Next, read this interesting article where the authors take a step back to ask a critical question: should personalization be the future of K–12 schooling? What are the risks? What do students stand to gain? Can personalized learning accomplish what we might hope? Benjamin Riley, founder of Deans for Impact, makes the case for an abundance of caution, while Alex Hernandez, a partner at Charter School Growth Fund, supports continued efforts to get personalization right.
  3. Finally watch this TEDx Talk by Richard Culatta Richard Culatta. He identifies 3 major challenges with our current approach to education and suggests how a shift to personalized learning is the key to the future of education in America.

    A group of philanthropies and school and technology advocacy groups, with contributions from educators, compiled a four-part "working definition" of the attributes of personalized learning.

    They are:
  • Competency Based Progression
  • Flexible Learning Environments
  • Personal Learning Paths
  • Learner Profiles
  • In the next four sections, you will learn more about each of the four.

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