Personalized Learning in the Classroom


Personalized learning is defined in the following way by the U.S. Department of Education in the National Education Tech Plan (2010):

Personalization refers to instruction that is paced to learning needs (i.e., individualized), tailored to learning preferences (i.e., differentiated), and tailored to the specific interests of different learners. In an environment that is fully personalized, the learning objectives and content as well as the method and pace may all vary.

The School Improvement Network identifies several key components of a “Personalized Classroom.” These include:

  • Creating learner profiles
  • Personal learning paths for each student
  • Individual mastery against clear goals and standards
  • Flexible learning environments
  • Student agency (student choice and voice)
  • Technology can play an important role in supporting each of these components.

As you go through this module, you will learn about various resources and techniques to create a personalized learning environment in your classroom.

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